Weather Control – Mark Dorrian (2014)

Weather Control – Dubai’s sunny mountain ski-dome as an allegory of the future

Weather of Utopia

  • Chinese weather control – Olympics – weather army
  • Thomas Moore – Utopia – Geoengineering (the radical reconstruction of nature by culture) – Hithledae, Calvino
  • Utopus articulating an acting of geoengineering – making an island, a project that is designed
  • Technical ideas – stress the degree that atmospheric thinking becomes bound to utopic thinking
  • LeCorbusier – exact air, 64.4 deg F – coast of Chile

  • Charles Fourier – Walter Benajmin – Arcades Project
  • Climatalogical mechanism
  • Fourier sees the aurora borealis – seminal emanation
  • Sea of lemonade
  • Labour disappears we loose the alienated condition we currently have
  • – Astor
  • Terrestrial Axis Straightening Company (TASC)
  • Sans Desous les Desous
  • Fantastic Voyage — meteorological engineering
  • Atmo-terrorism — Terror from the Air by Peter Sloterdijk
  • Laputa — magnetic loadstone — magnetic levitation (live through tributes from the people who live below — with threat of weather control)

Owning the Weather

  • Weaponising the weather
  • 1971 – weather control rocketed into popular consciousness
  • NMOD
  • Examine the concepts — dominant air and space force in the future
  • “The world or parts of it are able to shape local weather communities…”
  • If we don’t do it — someone will have to do it for us…

Owning the Weather

  • Rem Koolhaas Delirious New York — culture of congestion
  • Dubai — emergence of similar dreamscape
  • Sprial Jetty — Nakheel Masterplanners of the Universe (branding at a global scale – through the medium of the satellite image)
  • SkyDome — experience dubiland…
  • Buckminster Fuller — domes floating from their own heatscape — Cloud 9
  • Weather is alienation — we need to make nice with the weather before we are able to get everything right
  • Climaticological erotics
  • Environment Bubble
  • The poignancy of air’s subjugation to technology comes from what it stood for before — freedom, openness, etc.
  • Irruguray’s “Forgetting of Air” – Heidegger’s idea of making an opening – air is always there
  • “The Uses and Abuses of Air”

Consuming Climate

  • Interiorisation of the nature — the anthropocene
  • Technological remediation
  • Arctic experiences — not ski slope experiences — why? Purity and external nature (the arctic)
  • Destruction as the pleasure principle

Questions — “The Grass is Always Cleaner” / The Seller of Air

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