Ubicomp 2014

Ubicomp 2014

NASA Wearables – The Space Suit – Keynote

Group Activity Recognition using Belief Propagation for Mobile Devices
Dawud Gordon, Markus Scholz, Michael Beigl

  • “Belief Propagation”
  • Implications of GAR for QS – quantified self is too focused on
  • WoSense (Data Empowerment — Two Sense
  • Emergent Behavior 

Identity Crisis of Ubicomp? Mapping 15 Years of the Field’s Development and Paradigm Change
Yong Liu, Jorge Goncalves, Denzil Ferreira, Simo Hosio, Vassilis Kostakos

Creative Collaboration With a Social Robot
Peter H Kahn, Jr., Takayuki Kanda, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Solace Shen, Heather E Gary, Jolina H Ruckert

  • HINTS Lab
  • Interaction with Nature — ‘connects us to our souls’
  • A positive vision of technology — not more consumer goods, not things that dull our senses
  • Droodle – A bear climbing up the other side of a tree – as a creativity test for a human and a robot
  • Voice aesthetics — semantics drives it more than the ‘quality of the voice’
  • Wizard of Oz experiment — there was a person behind it — did this effect the kinds of questions that you asked? (i.e.: trying to behave like a robot) 

The Effects of Visual Displacement 
How much visual SS (Simulated Sickness) 

  • Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ)
  • Day Effect — Simulator Sickness went down after a repeated set of days 

Paper about being able to tell if someone is engaged in the world, or the virtual world (using focal distance measurement)

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