Two Lessons on Animal and Man – Simondon (1963)

“Animal life within the area of psychology”

First Lesson


  • There was no different in nature, but only in kind as to the souls of living creature (man, animal, plant)
  • Diogenes Laertius: on a puppy being beaten, “stop it, that is one of my old deceased friends who has been reincarnated as this beast.”
  • Metempsychosis – the transmigration of souls
  • The heuristic of this doctrine of belief is important – that is, what is allows us to learn about ourselves


  • There is identity in the nature of souls 
  • Living creatures vary in the different quantities, not qualities of ‘nous’ 
  • People, plants, animals are a descending scale of ‘strength, detail, and powerful, nous (noumena) 


  • Distinguishes between intelligence and intellect

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