Time and Space Concepts in Music and Visual Art

Merce Cunningham, Nam June Paik, John Cage (1978)


  • “All profound things have been spoken, so I will speak something vulgar.”
  • “Only in artist, art and heavyweight boxing, you have to be top five to pay your rent.  And in heavyweight boxing you always know who wins.  Although it can be fixed, but not as easily as in the art world.”
  • “Key quesiton of our society is human time and machine time.  Why happens the car accident… The engine is faster than break… So we have to think of machine time.”
  • “Video tape has sequential access, books are random access.  That’s why books are still the most advance technology…”
  • “What is time – past, present, future.  You can measure past, you can measure future – you cannot measure ‘now.”
  • “Nobody has the guts to make music as bad as John Cage”

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