Swatch Zapping by NJP



Nam June Paik has died. The Korean-born, celebrated video artist Nam June Paik died on 29-JAN at the age of 74 in Miami, USA.  In 1996, he designed the nice artist special Zapping (SKZ104) for Swatch. Here is more information about his life.  At the Swatch Wristory auction in New York City on 3-DEC-2001, a signed Zapping swatch in special packaging was sold as Lot no. 16 for $5000 US.  After Jean-Michel Folon and Mimmo Rotella, he is the third well-known swatch artist who has died in recent weeks 🙁

In order to promote this watch, the first ever online game called Swatch net.hunt is initiated starting April 1, 1996.

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