stone soup

A hobo shows up at a village, lights a fire, and begins to boil a rock. The villagers ask him what the hell he’s doing. He replies that it’s a magic stone, and creates the most marvellous soup. The villagers scoff, but stick around to watch. And as they get impatient — “Is it ready yet? Is it ready?” — the hobo keeps telling them it just needs a little more garnish — and the villagers supply it. “Do potatoes go well with stone soup?” — “Yeah, throw them in, we’ll see what happens.” — “Do carrots go with stone soup?” — “Yeah, why not?” — “Do peas go with stone soup?”

Eventually, the hobo declares the soup ready, and indeed it tastes wonderful. The villagers beg the hobo to sell the stone, but he declines — it’s too valuable. So he packs up his hobo things and is on his way to the next village.

Stone Soup


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