Stiegler – 2012 Dec 11

Cinema the Dream and the Digital –

Jafar Panahi – Ceci N’Est Pas un Film – USB key film – detained in Iraq

The Time of Cinema 

  • Archi-cinema 
    • … of the unconscious
    • The play between primary and secondary retentions 
    • Tertiary retentions – the hypomnesic traces (technical traces of conscious and unconscious cinema)
    • Conditioned by the history of tertiary rentetions
  • Dream is the primodial form of archi-cinema
  • An Organology of Dreams 
  • Time only passes because the present instance retains the prior instant
  • Two different consciousness experiences of two 
    • Phenomena are projections by people – that’s why the same object results in different phenomena for consciousness, and the same consciousness gets two different phenomena from the same objects at different times
    • Attention is what is woven between pretentions and retentitions
  • The same objects can create… 
    • Stereotypes – habits and volitions – the phenomenon of the object is the apparitions – the attentions fade away… 
    • Traumatypes – either repressed or expressed symptoms and fantasies
  • 2,000,000 – beyond the common genetic memory of the human species… there is an epiphylogenetic memory that is inherented knowledge – through this the trans-individual is meta-stabilised
  • Freud – dreams – fetish – a transitional object
  • Mnemotechnical support – cave paintings… 30,000 years ago
  • The phonograph
    • A new primary / secondary retentional experience – as it is a genuine repitition 
    • The production of difference – through repetition – gives us a new form of attention … dating from 1877
    • This is the new attentional forms of Schoenberg / acousmatic music
    • Deleuze – Difference and Repetition
  • 1895 – film 
  • Tertiary retention always is a kind of transitional object – Winicott
  • What Makes Life Worth Living
    • Transitional object is a pharmacon – as writing (for Plato) 
    • A poison and a remedy 
    • Disindividuation can take place via tertiary rentention… creating masses – 
    • Radio – facism – Adorno thought that cinema short circuits the transcendental imagination

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