Rickels – 2012 Aug 17

Laurence A. Rickels


  • Finding a dissociative pathway to deal with the loss of the penis
  • What is it that drives us to technologise the body? 
  • Media-technologies are only technologies 
  • What creates a technology is it fetishisation 
    • Freuds analogises psychoses as technical media 
  • Post-war psychoanalysis allows psychosis to be habitable 


  • The advent of rocket – time travel
    • Germany trying to dominate a media (air) as the brits did with the sea…
  • Psychotechnical research: E.g.: What would the best psychological profile of the pilot?
    • Result: The best ‘merging’ of the plane and man happens with the 
    • The Efficient Soldier – claud isla – new reliance on a psyche that was balance on \
    • Zulu time?
    • The merger of the pilot with the machine in flight – Metz (1920s)
    • The 

Woman in the Moon

  • Science Faction – marks the beginning of science fiction’s transition into a ‘presupposed reality of the future’ instead of pure fantasy (A rocket was meant to be launched at the opening…) 
  • Destination Moon (film)
    • One of the earlier and most important films of the era was 1950’s widely publicized Destination Moon. It follows a nuclear-powered rocketship carrying four men to the moon, against a background of competition against the Soviets.
    • Counting down instead of counting up 
  • Dark City (1998)

How to integrate psychosis into the post-war society – the trajectory from Fritz Lang to American Science Friction to Disneyland aesthetics to Dark City.

Test for being human:

  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: The Android Test
  • Bladerunner (Descartes)
  • Human life is in the predicament of undecidability with regards to the reality of existence
Simulacra –  third order of simulacra rests on ultimate simulation
  • The capitalist economy and 
  • Edward Bernays
    • Experts hired to talk about the “importance” of having a music room in the home 
    • propaganda – projecting a simulated version of reality in order to create an absence to fill through commercialisation / consumerism

Welt am Draht

  • Character “Christopher Nobody” commits suicide inside the simulation
  • Developing relations to ‘order within simulation’ 
  • The simulated world is also Art Deco
  • The transfer helmet is a racing helmet / 


  • The interfaces of the alternate reality – helmets, headmounted devices, brain injections – how are transitions made into and out of ‘realities’ take place


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