NJP Film Archive (selections)

Panel Time/Space # 1. John Cage, Dave Ashton, M. Cunningham, NJP, R.Kostelanetz_”


  • Kaprow, Cage, Lamont Young, Joseph Cornell, Paik, deKooning
  • “I don’t object to categorizing and defining work, but I think they’re pernicious in defining people – they close off one’s space”
  • “Polyartist” – a single grand professional space… it’s hard to know where one art ends and another begins

J. Cage

  • “How to go out through the senses, without any concepts… That’s why I use chance operations.”
  • “If I have the opportunity to continue working, I think the work would resemble more and more not the work of a person, but something that might have happened even if the person wasn’t there.  Or something like that.”
  • Plurality of buddas in gnostic christianity – “split the stick and there is jesus”
  • We don’t live by one principle but by multiple
  • Indian philosophy and the division of thinking into four parts: the goals of cooking/hunting, the goals of pleasure/sex, the goals of true/false and good and evil, and the liberation from all these concerns
  • “Writing music is one thing and hunting wild mushrooms is another”

CBS Evening News with Cliff Baldwin, 1-10-83

  • Report on Paik’s Guinness Book of World Records

Anthology Film Archives – NJP Anthology Performaince Part II (Shot by Blair Thurman?)

  • Paik’s piece is a duo of emergency airhorns – played until the run out of compressed air

TLC Documentary – The Learning Channel – 1993

  • South Korea’s National Museum of Contemporary Art –
  • SOHO 
    • 1964 moves from Germany
    • Nearly 30 years after his first video art exhibition
  • 1932 – Seoul Korea
    • music and western technology
    • ‘people hiding inside the radio technology’
    • interest in twelve tone music – staukausen
  • 1964 – New York
    • Best kind of robot – as it took 4 men to repair and use the robot – create jobs
  • 1982 – Whitney Museum first retrospective
    • Participation TV
    • Moon is the oldest TV
    • TV Buddha
  • David Ross – Directo, Whitney Museum
  • 1986 – Wrap Around the World
    • TV as a liberator
    • Orwell was wrong
  • David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson
  • Holly Solmon – Holly Solomon Gallery
    • “why i love nam june paik’s work so very much is because its hopeful…”
  • “I am trying to intersect software, hardware and underwear”
  • 1992 – Major Retrospective in Seoul
  • 1993 – Golden Lion award for Venice Biennale – Hans Haacke and Nam June Paik

American Art Today – A View from the Whitney – 1987

  • Lisa Phillips – Curator 
    • early eighties was a tumultuous change – occured in the early eighties
  • Barbara Kruger
  • Commodity art – loss, technical production, reprographic, reduction of the presence of the hand
  • Judy Pfaff – NYC BQE
  • Paik
  • Hanhardt
  • Yvonne Rainer – The Man Who Envied Women
  • Paul Glabicki – Obeject Conversation
  • Bill Viola – I do not know what it is I am like

Tiger Lives by Nam June Paik – 1999

Robot Accident from Living with the Living Theater – 1989


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