Mitcham – 2011 Aug 11

Mediation school of philosophy of tehnology

Accounts of Dewey as a Christian

The creation of the cell wall as a cosmological event

  • The cell wall creates an ontologically distinct – management – structure to the larger structure
  • The rock has no such ability – no way to differentiate between itself and its components

Renewal of Life by Transmission

  • chemical bonds –> biological development –> education
  • education is cultural sex/reproduction/transmission
  • an analogy relating the mechanisms – naturalistic –
  • two words for life in greek:  zoe –> bios
    • botany + zoology = biology
  • what distinguishes modern from pre-modern
  • structural functionalism
  • Cardinal Bellarmine vs. Galilieo
    • Theology teaches how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go
    • Brecht play
  • Weber, Marx, Talcott Parson
  • Pascal – sewing into his garment the God of Abraham / Jacob –
  • Enlightenment – What is it about the

Smile or DieRSA Talk

  • Truth as perception – disposition – the ways of writing leaving holes that invite misappropriation
  • William James & Henry James
  • Rousseau – social contract

The Modern Scientific Interest in Nature

  • Windelband

“A man really living alone (alone mentally as well as physically) would have little or no occasion to reflect upon his past experience to extract its net meaning.”

  • Stephen J. Gould – Ex-aptation / Adaptations versus Exceptions
    • Things start in one way – and can be used elsewhere/elsewise
    • Spandrils – the interior of arches –
    • The peculiarly human utilisation of things that arise by necessity
  • Seeing the ‘kinds’ of potentialities within naturalised structures
  • Emphasis on communications in Habermas

The Greeks – too obsessed with rhetoric

  • Subordinate text to the primacy of experience
  • Motivates our humanistic aims – professional engineering practice history

The inquiry – progress cycle – interrupted by class and religion (Foucault, Marx)

  • Dewey would say that he was trying to ‘see the way the world works’
  • Continuous process of episteme – science as a method akin to the way human experience works
  • Method of inquiry –

On “Policy”

  • Sicero, Plato – not present…
  • 1850s in English
  • What is a policy?

Harold Laswell – Policy Sciences – “Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect”


  • Before this year… 
    • Strong opponent to the Spanish American War – 1898
    • Critical of the occupation of the West – 1st Nations people
  • Changes his mind – WWI – supports the war
    • Promote democracy in Europe – ‘giving back’ to Europe
  • May 4 1919 – China – Dewey 1919-1921 Lectures
  • Advised Attaturk
  • Investigated Trotsky’s murder

Skeleton of the Proof of Proposition 28 2A

Skeleton of the Proof of Proposition 28 2


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