MIT Nam June Paik Interview – Fred Barzyk & David Atwood

Boston TV Discussion

  • TV Moon
  • Pieces of the synthesizer –
  • Small cameras and televisions –
  • Green frog – toy plastic frog – adding and subtracting cable (2 deg per foot correction
  • “To make with a synthesizer is one thing, but to make broadcast ready is another thing…” – NJP
  • “Interesting color that is beyond NTSC standard
  • “The engineers won’t talk to me – because if I’m too dumb they don’t respect me, and if I’m too smart they’ll be afraid of me” – Fred Barzyk paraphrasing NJP

Cincinnati Fabrication – Carl Solway Gallery  (1980)

  • Storage and construction
  • “Video Flag” – Flag X, Flag Y, Flag Z – fabrication factory – 64 television (iChing)
  • K456 – The first 21st Century Disaster
    • Nam June Paik biographical work – recreating his family – monther, father, grandmother, grandfather
    • High-tech children – 9 children
    • When sold – they were sold as pairs (the placement of the pieces needed to maintain the families – “We didn’t want to break up the family… It’s not the way of the world”
    • Father Mother – Japan / Aunt Uncle – Europe / Grandmother Grandfather – USA
    • Children dispersed all over the world “They don’t have any nationality, they’re the children of the world”
      • “Hippy Child” – painted piece of cabinetry
  • Groups of pieces about his real family – grandparents,
  • Groups of pieces about his artistic famliy – Beuys, Moorman, Ginsberg
  • Groups of pieces about his technology family – Abe, Marconi, Faraday, Edison, Kepler, Newton, Ampere

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