MeLa – General Assembly – Barcelona

Chris Whitehead

  • Museums and Identity in History and Contemporaneity
  • Geography and environmental psychology
  • What is the significance of museum representations of place for expressions of cultural identity in european museums.  
    • Staying, moving, not-moving, not-staying
    • What are the teleological repercussions
  • Objectives 
    • Interpellation – routes and roots
  • Producers and consumers – curators / audience
  • Lewis Chess Men: museum touch points – text (tone of pronouns, us/we), person profiles, videos
  • Literature review: place, nationalisms, mabliities, identities
  • Primary case studies – particular museum contexts: 3 clusters
  • Secondary case studies – geographical areas
  • Textual versus experiential analysis of exhibitions…
  • Transitive experiences – in the video…

Ian Chambers

  • How does art intervene in the contestation of normalized views of difference and domestication
  • Changing forms of particiaption in the museum experience
  • Art modify existing barriers and thresholds?
  • Durham / Taussig
  • Danilo Capasso: The MAC Museum at Erolano and the metro station-museum Stazione Municipio, Naples
  • Postcolonial museums – ‘imperialism’ and the situatedness of museums within a postcolonial ‘mutlple modernities’
  • Manifesta – a sort of ‘anti-museum’ – Manifesta 7 ironic installation “Museum of European Normality
  • Naming – Kunstaller, museums, galleries, curator (visual arts administrator), exhibition

Perla Innocenti

  • European policy level
  • Collaborations between libraries and museums
  • Europeana / IFLA
  • Think tank – April / May 2012

Mark Nash

  • Artistic and curatorial reflection
  • Migration – contemporary art
    • Isaac Julien Western Union Series
    • MateiBejenaru, Travelling Guide, 2005
    • Huang Yong Ping, Frolic, Barbican Art Gallery, 2007
    • Roman Vasseur, 500 Pounds of Common Earth
  • The Roma – Call The Witness – “the great and the good talking about – instead of the creative empowerment”
  • Think Tank – 23rd of March
  • Bergen Biennial – “A told work of art versus and executed work of art” – conceptual art + radio play + sound art.  Narration, sound art, archival materials.  Works that remain unrealised…

Other notes

  • Interest in the ways that ‘user contributed’ exhibitions function vis a vis the materials available to them…
    • I.e.: There are user contributed shows that develop through an assumption about ‘user needs’ or ‘user awareness’ but what tools are they given to develop language, relations, etc.
  • The online exhibition
    • Distributed / parallel exhibitions

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