Meeting Notes — Zielinski (2 Sept 2014)

“A search for materialism without the burden of dialectics”

“Materialism without historic dialectical materialism”

Knut Abeling – Wild Archeologies – Visibility of the Urban 

  • (from) Of course, we could push further back. We can track uses of the notion of “archaeology” in so many other fields too – archaeologies of cinema, archaeologies of knowledge, of modernity, of the psyche. There is a wonderful book out just now by Knut Ebeling, Wilde Archaologien (Wild Archaeologies), which basically maps an archaeology of the concept of archaeology in cultural theory. Just to add, in Germanic style it is over 700 pages, so please do not expect me to offer a summary just yet.

Institute for Language in a Technological Age

Benjamin’s archeological thinking – The Lamp, other object essays…
  • Walter Benjamin’s Exegesis of Stuff – Cheryl Beaver Library of Congress 
  • Epoche: The University of California Journal for the Study of Religion
  • The language of things — Hito Steyerl Who does the lamp communicate with? The mountain? The fox? Walter Benjamin
  • Michael Taussig — The Stories Things Tell And Why They Tell Them

Metamethodological – thinking without the burden of ideology

Holzkamp  Sensual Cognition – critical psychology

Taubes / Bohls (?) 

Oswald Wiener 

Techno-poesis instead of techno-aesthetics? This ‘poetics’ is about the making — not about the reception / composition. That is aesthetics has too much of the reception in it, and therefore we need to create a ‘new aesthetics’, or abandon it for all its associations. 

Nietzsche and his writing ball — The instrument is co-writing my text (Kittler removed the ‘co’) 

Note the difference here between Nietzsche and the Ritter/Kircher dynamic of ‘knowing’ something completely.  Nietzsche has more in common with De La Porta and Fludd (as these were co-creating knowledge, not ‘seeking’ it in the same way). 

Thinking machines / Cognition machines / Intelligent machines

Trans-classical machines (?)

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