Media and Animals

Parikka’s Insect Media

Fuller’s Art for Animals

  • Gabriel von Max – The Jury of Apes
  • Pliny the Elder’s Natural History
    • Trompe l’oeil technique competition
    • Zeuxis vs Parrhasius
    • Parrhasius – reveals his painting from beneath a curtain to reveal a painting – a still life so good that birds flock to it
    • Zeuxis – is asked to remove the curtain from his painting, but his paintain is a painting of a curtain – that has tricked everyone
  • Art for animals is not art which uses, represents or depicts animals – nor it is ‘animal enclosures’, e.g.: Zoo projects by architects
  • Durational performances with animals also ‘sit outside the present text’
  • Shigeru Watanabe’s research – pigeons could learn to distinguish between works by Monet and Picasso “and carry over this capacity for distinction to categorically related art by Cézanne and Braque”

Flusser’s Vampyroteuthis infernalis

  • Article about the squid that makes statues or ‘self portraits’ of itself


LOLIGODIPLAPTERE .Z (Poïkiloligoïdes) – Louis Bec

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