Manovich – 2012 jun 20

New kind of epistemology derived from a new kind of occurrence – 

Shannon and the theory of information – the flat audio signal (meaningless) / audio white noise (meaningless) 

Barthes – The Photographic Message

Positivism versus Hermeneutics – Baktin’s Circle

Culturenomics – Quantitative analysis of culture using millions of digitized books

Pattern Recognition

Quantitative analysis of culture using millions of digitized books

ImageJ – ImagePlot – Documentation

Aspects of Language as Technology

  • Differences of degree
  • Language is good with temporable 

Many Eyes 

Feature Space

The development of a feature space out of more-than-3d space – 

Are we trying to understand things about the cultural data set or Are we developing a set of algorithms to replace ourselves 

Jerry Fodor

Statistical Analysis

R Project For Statistical Analysis

Factor Analysis 

Software Epistemology 

Philosophical Object 

Lyotard – The Field: Knowledge in Computerised Societies

Principal component analysis

Mark Hansen


Text Analytics


Natural Language Toolkit


General Architecture for Text Engineering


Music Information Retrieval

Geometries of proximity – algebraic distance in feature spaces where songs are placed (e.g.: Pandora has 600 features) 

Echonest – Pandora – LastFM 




Content Based Image Retrieval

Video Fingerprinting

The understanding of algorithms – how the steps of complex algorithms can be exposed 

The development of computational cognition systems pre-dating the understanding of perceptual mechanisms`

  • either there is a ‘real’ towards which image processing mechanisms head
  • or people are “responding to the industrial demand”

Blue Brain Project – Not a model between a simulation

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