Kirkeby – 2012 Sep 12

Ole Fogh Kirkeby
  • gospel of st. john’s – the word is creating the world…
  • logos – ratio – reason
  • rational – reason – intellect
  • vernunft – verstand
dianoetical and discursive capacities
the razor of the intellect – disect
holistic logos and noetic 
non-object (to throw before – antichimean – to make into an object – to throw before you)
  • in the origin of languages the verb came before the substantive – the action as primary / outside of thinking the thing as seperate
  • there was a golden age when people were must closer to things….
reason and intellect: 
aristotle: theoretical reason 
practical reason – the reaosn 
phronesis which serves the word that it relates to 
an ethical sense of the event (emphathy) 
you can relate through experience to all the whole world – not only to human beings 
the ethos of the event 
  • to prove oneself worthy of the event
  • to guard the secret of the event (the power of otherness)
  • to make the world worthy of the event 
the eventuals
  • heterotelos (decency) 
  • emotional attitudes 
  • sinkatathesis (accept in freedom)
  • emotional attitudes (angst is shared) – angst related to anger
  • lepsis
  • love
  • kataphge (to be the Other’s hostage) – diversity management – to honor the time of manage – pleroma (the time when we shall all gather togethre in the 1000 years realm) 
  • grattitude 
  • creative empathy – encouragement 
  • ergon – to honor the one i might become… to be a leader is to wish to die for your community
fight enlightened self interest – sustainability 
denmark – the marsh  
nokia – finding a box of old stocks (former boot maker) 
  • the first nature – trees
  • second nature – social (hegel) being 
  • third nature – city as a form of nature / nature as a form of city
clusters in the city – grapes / flower
  • instead of reserve – deleuze – israeli army using reserve to fight terrorist… networks (nets that you catch fish, birds in)
  • pauses – heideggers science of 
  • spaces of time 
  • rivers of emotion and intensity 
  • dance halls of ideas
emotional logistics – 
  • being is now which unites everything into one 
  • transfering ourselves into instruments of rest 
  • time as slicing – organic time – transfer time into lines of flight –  
two horses and a white one / a black one – have to have the same pace
let the nature of the senses give new sense to nature  
isaac lauria – levinas / buber (hasidic jew) – chirina (the devine light of god in the face of a stranger – every other person is ‘god – not a god, but god)
ardorno – negativity – negative dialgectic:  you can’t define god as positive or negative 
the not other is the not other than the not other 
the catalege – 
the opening of the sense – “come to your senses” is to be losing your mind – 
the desiring thought and thinking desire 
palimpsest  – written on top of each other – layers of writing… the secret of the tattoo – it’s all about what’s there when you remove it 
marathon – immediately in the way that one meets oneself 
what’s natural to us is what we don’t remember coming into being – built environment 
how do you account for the subject/object divide – do you base that blame in language? in Kantian? 
“you can relate through experience to all the whole world – not only to human beings” – how do you react to accusations of anthropomorphisation and still allow the secret of the event to be kept 
kairos – 

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