Jacob Gaboury — Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics

Jacob Gaboury

  • “Marginal places and marginal figures in the history of digital”
  • A material history of immaterial objects

University of Utah

Readings of the History of CGI

  • Anne Frieberg  → renaissance, perspective  → CGI
  • Lev Manovich  → the history of illusion  → computer image
  • Jacob’s project is a “a material history of immaterial objects — production of computer graphics from its rendering process (“making the digital visible”)


The Teapot

  • Mid-century german design
  • British researcher (“sitting down to tea”)
  • Domestic objects imported and analysed – wives and the role of women


New York

Xerox Park  → Interpress  → Adobe


  • mathematical / philosophical backgrounds — idealogical and theoretical mathematical modelling — algebra and geometry
  • the humour in the teapot — why does this make people chuckle?
  • teapot as masculine — moved from a domestic environment into the male laboratory (hidden labour of women — when women were computers)… the story of the “breadboard” as a bridge object of a similar sort at Bell Labs
  • flight simulator? why *flight* simulator
  • are technical histories continuous?  why are the links between these elements necessary…?
  • Folding — https://vimeo.com/36122966

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