Paik – Goethe Award Speech (1997)

Wolf Hasselrod – expert in media art – Fluxus – Director of Bremen Kunsthaus – Documenta 6, Documenta 8

  • “The most important however remains the synchronous, as it most purely reflects what is within us, as we reflect it” – Goethe
  • “The sensibility of a musician and a visual artist, here combined with the intellect and rationality of a scientist”
  • “The deference of the anarchist with the smile of the buddha”
  • “Knowledge of technics with rejection of the seemingly natural rules of technology”
  • “The serenity of the oriental and the perfectionism and surplus of optical impressions of the West.  The silence of the former and the which the later feels for intellectual evidence”
  • NJP famous tie-cutting of Cage – ends the concert by calling a telephone in the theatre from outside to say, “The concert is over”
  • Opera Sextronique – 1967 – after 30 years we have the discussion of whether a woman should play in Vienna philharmonic
  • Interview Calvin Thomkins – made english subtitles on the television
  • Sept 1996 – TV Culture – “It is better to be a pessimist reality, than a hypocritical confusionist”
  • Violence on TV – 1950-1990 – “Very healthy check up for humanity.  TV news teams must get nobel prise”
  • Kurnig and Munster – sculpture show – “The new forms of organised crime.
    • 24 cars – 1924 to ’90s – “the real car has become a model, and illustration of a car culture”
  • Theatre for a poor man:  “Call a cab, sit down, order a long ride, look to the taximeter” (1960s)
  • “Bill Clinton stole my electronic superhighway” – NJP
  • The First Accident of the New Millenium (Whitney)
  • Schpligel – The new name space for the Internet
  • Artist, Friend, Teacher

Nam June Paik

  • “Thank you… everyone is hungry… let’s go eat.”

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