Flusser – We Shall Survive in the Memory of Others

Televison Image and Political Space in Light of the Romanian Revolution

  • Romanian revolution – not a political action
  • post-history having its first expression in Romania
  • television takes over – is the end of history, the end of what we used to call history
  • we have at least two possibilities to face our world

    • image
    • linear writing
  • man was originally in his circumstance
  • he then looked at this circumstance from a subjective distance

    • this was the
    • schrit zureg – heidegger
    • wittgenstein
    • the world as scene
    • magical character – every image is loaded
  • images are ‘media’ which ‘meaning’ the world

    • inner dialectics – images hide the world as well as show it to us
    • when images become very strong – “a very profound alienation”
    • the image becomes the concrete reality and the world is a pretext
  • event vs. happening

    • processural – political consciousness
    • television cannot be political – anti-poliitcal by its very structure
    • linear writing created events – explaining images
  • science projects images that are conceivable but unimaginable

    • photography was invented to deal with this unimaginability
  • writing as a public/private consciousness

    • go into private to write
    • go into the public to publish
    • go into private to read

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