economic narratives: Foucault –> Deleuze –> Stiegler

Foucault – disciplinary societies (panopticon), closed systems that the individual passes through endlessly.  enclosure, confinement, order.  these superceded societies of sovereignty.

Discipline and Punish

Deleuze – societies of control.  mechanism are ‘modulations’ that continuously change.  the corporation is a spirit/gas.  micro-management and monitoring (the real-time, cybernetics, systems) make closed sites disappear.

Society of Control

Stiegler – control with either continue, or morph into an economy of contribution.

Economies of Contribution

technodeterminism?  book –> disciplinary.   web –> control.  web 2.0 –> contribution.  how to combat/protest within these systems (hackers, viruses).

Poster – control is too easy, or the wrong word

Fast Capitalism

some of this (with incredbly annoying music) from Liquid Theory TV – Episode 2.

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