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Meeting Notes — Zielinski (22 August 2014)

Institute of Media Archeology

Engineering and the Mind’s Eye Paperback – Eugene S. Ferguson

Pauli & Jung — Dialogues (motivations of science) — Synchronicity

Fludd & Kepler —(From Fludd-Essential Readings) An essential follow up to Pauli’s essay is Robert S Westman’s “Nature, Art and Psyche: Jung, Pauli and the Kepler-Fludd polemic in Occult and Scientific Mentalities in the Renaissance.

Einstein & Bohr 

Henning Schnitken — Brain & Time


Expanded Hermeneutics

…After the Media — the exact philology of almost precise things

Max Bense — 1926 – Quantum Reality – Einstein & Heidegger – Technical Experinece – “Our Existnence has become technical”

Gunter — Soul the Technical Age 

Philology — exact interpretation of text / including objects

Harun Farocki

Lorraine Daston, Jürgen Renn , Dagmar Schäfer

Max Planckt – Artefacts + Acting + Knowledge 

Andrey Smirnov

Solomon Nikritin – 1910’s projectionism cartograms of programs

Companion to the Philosophy of Technology 

Yuk Hui