Bramkamp – 2012 Aug 18 (evening)

Screening of Test Stand VII

An autobiography of a technical object 

Thomas Pinchon gravity’s rainbow 

I’m living only in between the media you recreate of your own world

On the Genealogy of Media Contents 

“genealogy of media” derrida

Peenemund museum 

Mixer or michelet 

The rocket reconstruction in Birmingham – all restoration being performed by women 

Reverse shots of the rocket –’s_Rainbow

Alan Slothrop 


Prof Von Brown 


Wernher von Braun

Space Park Bremen – the main attraction is a flight to mars 

The next moment its parts again – Pynchon 

It only appeared to be a tool in the hands of man 

Dorette Kirsten 

Bremen trousers

Truman House

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