Billy Kluver Interview (1995)

  • “Kluver saw many parallels between contemporary art and science, both of which were concerned basically with the investigation of life…a vision of American technological genius humanized and made wiser by the imaginative perception of artists…”
  • “I think there is a huge consciousness inside technology that hasn’t been tapped.”
  • “To institutionalize anything in this area is dangerous and self-destructive. It’s just a matter of solving problems, and you can do that forever.”
  • “We said that if we were successful we would disappear.” (on the ‘too successfulness of art and technology”)
  • “Many people wanted E.A.T. to be about art and science, but I insisted it be art and technology. Art and science have really nothing to do with each other. Science is science and art is art. Technology is the material and the physicality.”

The Godfather of Technology and Art- An Interview with Billy Kluver (19 April 1995)


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