Adventure on the Vertical – Mark Dorrian (2012)

Adventure on the Vertical – Mark Dorrian (2012) – CABINET — Adventure on the Vertical.pdf

Capitalising and controlling ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ spaces – while simultaneously presenting a destabilising “monstrous sleep of reason or perhaps even a “4-dimensional nightmare””.

The symmetry of inner and outer – “The medieval philosophers were right. Man is the center of the universe. We stand in the middle of infinity between outer and inner space, and there’s no limit to either.” – Dr. Peter Duval, Fantastic Voyage

Cosmic Zoom- NFB

Cosmic View – The Universe in 40 Jumps

Man sleeping next to Scientific American and Science – a scenography similar to “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters,” Goya’s Los Caprichos

03 francisco de goya y lucientes the sleep of reason produces monsters los caprichos the caprices nr 43 1799

Powers of ten

Michel Chion – acousmêtre: “The voice that is heard but whose source cannot be located within the image.”  The voice has “one foot in the image, in the space of the film.”

HAL from 2001 A Space Oddysey – Kubrich and Eames.  The woman narrator in the first version of Powers of Ten ‘travels with us’.  The male voice of the final version

“The acousmêtre is all-seeing,” Chion declares, “the fantasy of the total mastery of space by vision.”

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