Avant-Garde and Technology By Leigh Landy

Avant-Garde and Technology By Leigh Landy

  • Bauhaus Music – premiered in Tokyo in 1957
  • D.T. Suzuki
  • dialectics of materialism in Paik:  criticism of commercialism in art (suggesting that Cage throw away all his works, recordings, etc.) and using technologies themselves to express this (video is expensive)
  • E-Kunst vs. U-Kunst
  • “Paik has written a piece for a deux mains performance of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Major from the ‘Well Tempered Clavier’ where the left hand part was to be played in San Francisco and the right hand part to be played in Shanghai (1963- ‘Kalender Pop, Do ityourself-answers to LaMonte Young’)
  • “Silence, the total lack of spatial experience and the final – it works but one single time – shock of the work takes all sorts of givens out of traditional art and instrumnents.”
  • “concerning his installation Hydra buddha (1985) he refers to small images coming from its two monitors as consisting of 7,500,000 bits/second – a smashing underlining of computer technology (and waste!).”
  • Paik quote:  “On my recent trip to Tokyo I bought dozens of books about time by oriental and occidental thinkers.  On my return to New York, I found that I have no time to read them.” (Nam June Paik 1975: in Herzogenrath 1983:13)
  • dialectics of the relative and the absolute:  Why Christian vs Zen? Instead combinations (TV Cross, My Faust)




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