Video WallPaik – Barbara London (2010, revisited)

  • Soho studio
  • Fish Flies on Sky (1975/82) – Martha Jackson Warehouse Gallery
  • TV Buddha:  “The Buddha, staring at the Buddha on the monitor, evokes an obvious question, a video koan: What is the difference between the Buddha staring at a live image of the Buddha, and the Buddha staring at a pre-recorded image? The Buddha smiles knowingly.”
  • “art does not have much to do with communication, and a lot of communication has no artistic content” – B.L. paraphrasing Paik
  • Taking suggestions about timecode from Barbara London when editing Lake Placid (1980)
Paik art communication
East + West:
  • 1993 Venice Biennale – wreckedvolkswagens packed with monitors – Marco Polo Theme
  • “he believed that the Koreans are the eastern extension of the Mongol peoples”
  • video art is like the silk route – “in either case culture and motifs pass from East to West and return in new guises”
  • Paik writes the directions for B.L.’s hotel in Japan on the back of a George Maciunas Fluxus show (George is finally going to Japan)


  • “He called me Paris, because my name is London. I called him Wizard, because his montage of life was alchemical.”
  • “Today as I meet the youngest generation of Seoul-based media artists, I see some of the same insatiable curiosity and drive that Paik had, and an understanding that music extends beyond performed instruments to integrate time and space of everyday life.”


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